kisuraji pairings~

so i was listening to today's kisuraji (well kinda only half paying attention :x)

there's this one part where they were saying how there's still probably a lot of combinations of kisumai members that haven't been on kisuraji yet
and yokoo said he hasn't been paired up with senga yet
and gaya brings up how in duet, when they had the pairing ranking thing, yokoo & senga were in last place. XD and watta says like the pairings at the top get like 200, 300 votes, while the last place got like... 1 vote, LOL

and ya know
fujikita were first place in that ranking ya know
so there should be MORE of this combi for radio! >:O i mean, by fujigaya's logic it makes sense haha

but i am all for unusual pairings as well. it's interesting. XD
like.. yeah. yokoo x senga, i wanna see that lol

also i remember on an older kisuraji they talked about this too. miyata said he wanted to see tama and nikaido paired up. nika said they were paired up before once for a magazine, and realized they don't really talk a lot together XD
so i really wanna see that pairing too, lol. 
it's true we don't see tama and nika paired up a lot lol.

and we haven't had a nikasen kisuraji yet right? haha probably because it might be a disaster? who would lead? NIKA? lol. ohh i need this to happen XD

2012.07.05 recomen: mitsu, yokoo, nika

mitsu, watta, and nika came to visit yoko and hina at their radio show recomen~ this is from 2012.07.05
you can download it here or listen to it on youtube here (a little bit of the intro is missing)

sorry for any mistakes ^_^; i'm still a noob at this ahah. i am not fluent in japanese but i tried my best ._.!
please do not repost this anywhere. linking someone to this post is fine though

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FujiKita kisumai radio 08.08.12 trans/summary

please do not post this anywhere else!
ok so i was asked to translate mitsu and taipi's kisuraji (2012.08.08) (on youtube here: part 1, part 2) seeing as how i have plenty of free time, and also translating is kinda fun lol, i decided i'll do it to the best of my abilities! Dx however, my japanese is beginner level, really. so unfortunately i couldn't really understand a lot ;__; just bits and pieces. so there's a lot of parts i skipped, but hopefully you can get the gist. it's pretty messy but hopefully this will do until hopefullyyy someone with more knowledge does a proper translation :)

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